Energy Director Takes on New Tasks

Bob Harris, the director of the state's Energy Office, began wearing two new hats this fall.

Federal Energy Secretary Frederico Peña appointed Harris to the 21-member State Energy Advisory Board which reviews the department's plans for energy programs at both the federal and state levels. The Board is comprised of energy and weatherization directors as well as other state officials and representatives.

In November, Harris also became the 1998 Chairman of the New Uses Council.

The Council is dedicated to expanding the development and commercialization of new industrial, energy, pharmaceutical and non-food uses of agricultural products from both traditional commodities and new crops.

These "new uses" represent growing and important value-added opportunities for agriculture and are based on providing competitive, environmentally-improved products made from renewable resources.

The Council was created in 1990 by agribusinesses, organizations and government agencies including several state ag departments.

The Council maintains a web site located at:

For more information about the New Uses Council or to become a Council member, contact Bob Harris in the Energy Office or Jonathon Harsch, P.O. Box 144, Jamestown, RI 92835-0144; phone 401-423-0862.