1998 Project Proposals due January 15th

The RFP is no longer valid and is for reference only. Proposals are NOT being accepted at this time.

For 1998, the Western region plans on selecting up to $900,000 in bioenergy projects for funding. The deadline for submission of suggested projects is January 15, 1998. The typical maximum for specific projects is $75,000. Matching funds are required for all projects.

The goal of the projects selected will be to increase the production and use of biomass energy resources for economic development and environmental sustainability.

Related goals of the projects can include establishing biomass power as an economically credible and attractive option for the electric power industry and decreasing the reliance on imported fuels by the transportation sector.

Copies of the complete solicitation, including the application for funding, are available at http://www.westbioenergy.org or can be obtained from the administrative offices.

Questions or other inquiries related to the projects should be directed to 402-471-3218 or jgraef@mail.state.ne.us