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At this site, you can find 21 different factsheets on such topics as energy-efficient windows, solar hot water heating, loose-fill insulations, solar power and landscaping for energy efficiency. While the factsheets cover technical information, the material is presented in a down-to-earth way and contain resource lists for further information. The factsheets can be viewed as text-only documents or with graphics HTML and PDF, respectively. The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy or EERE is a gateway to energy efficiency and renewable energy information sources. Internet:

Brand New, Colorful Nuclear Science Wall Chart
After years of development and review, a spectacular new wall chart that graphically illustrates fundamental principles, recent discoveries and future directions in nuclear science is now available.The chart is available in three sizes:

  • large wallsized (59.5" x 41.5")
  • small wallsized (29.5" x 21")
  • referencesized (16" x 11")
    A preview of the wall chart is available on the web at Teachers can also receive a companion piece, Nuclear Science, A Teacher's Guide.Copies of the charts and guide can be ordered from Science Kit, 777 East Park Drive, Tonawanda, NY 14150, phone 800-828-7777, fax 716-8749572

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