The Nebraska Energy Quarterly features questions asked about 6% Dollar and Energy Saving Loans. Loan forms may be obtained from participating lenders or the Energy Office.

Questions and Answers...

6% Dollar and Energy Saving Loans

If a cooling system breaks down during warm weather, can emergency approval be obtained to install a new system before the loan process has been completed?

If your cooling system breaks down any time during April through October, you can request emergency approval from the Energy Office through your lender to install qualifying equipment prior to the loan process being completed and the Energy Office committing funds to the project. However, your lender must provide the Energy Office with a written statement from your doctor verifying there is a medical reason the cooling system must be installed immediately and information on the system being installed.

In these situations, the Energy Office will review the request and notify the lender whether or not emergency approval has been granted, usually the same day. After Energy Office approval, the project may be undertaken and the loan paperwork submitted as soon as the system is installed.

Is there any available financing to improve the energy efficiency of an existing home a family with limited means may be purchasing?

The Energy Office offers a weatherization mortgage loan supplement. The supplement will help income-limited households families with earnings ranging from $11,800 to $40,000 to install energy efficiency improvements without increasing their monthly mortgage payment, thereby reducing monthly utility bills.

The family purchasing the home may add the cost of the improvements to the mortgage loan. The Energy Office will purchase a portion of the mortgage from a participating lender at zero interest which allows the lender to reduce the mortgage rate to the borrower. With the supplement, monthly payments remain at the same level as before the cost of the improvements were added to the mortgage. For more information on these supplements, contact Pete Davis in the Energy Office.

If emergency approval to replace my cooling system has been received, may heating and water heating systems be replaced at the same time?

The Energy Office allows this, if all units meet the minimum standards and have been approved at the same time as the cooling system. It is usually easier and less expensive to install all of the systems at the same time, which saves borrowers' added expenses.

What assistance does the Energy Office offer to help build homes and apartments as energy efficient as possible?

The Energy Office offers free software, code manuals and code compliance options to help anyone interested in building energy efficient housing.

Upon request, the Energy Office can provide free copies of:

To obtain HUD/FHA, VA, or USDA-RD financing, a home must meet 1995 Model Energy Code requirements. Can the Energy Office certify plans for code compliance?

The Energy Office does offer this plan certification for $50.00. To have plans certified, submit the plans and building specifications along with a $50.00 cashier's check to the agency. The more detailed the building information, the easier and quicker the agency can complete the review.

Have there been any changes to loan forms for window and door replacements?

The Energy Office modified performance factors for replacement windows and doors last year. Since then, there has been some confusion about what needs to be provided to document performance factors for proposed window or door projects. To simplify the process, the Energy Office created Form 2 Window/Door. This new form supplements Form 2 and clearly specifies the efficiency level for windows and doors and offers two compliance methods: measured performance or construction features. Form 2 Window/Door is available from the Energy Office.