Putting Waste to Good Use

Animal wastes from existing or planned hog raising operations in Nebraska generated considerable Legislative discussion this year. These four free publications offer ways of coping with the resulting wastes and even converting them to productive uses.

Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Recovery and Utilization: A Workshop

This summary of a 1993 workshop chronicles the opportunities and barriers regarding the primary method of utilizing animal and municipal wastes. Anaerobic digestion, or biochemically altering the wastes to a usable gas for energy production, is thoroughly explored by the workshop's attendees. October 1993. 43 pages

Bioconversion of Feedlot and Dairy Waste for Energy

This project in Utah explored ways mixed dairy wastes including manure, cheese whey and assorted milk products could be utilized for energy and fertilizer production. Equal consideration was given to ways to minimize pollution and other environmental factors. The project tested a conversion method called anaerobic digestion which biochemically converts waste products into methane gas which can be used to produce electricity with existing technology. July 1995. 16 pages

Energy Conversion of Animal Manures Resource Inventory and Feasibility Analysis for 13 Western States

This compilation and assessment in 13 western states from Nebraska to Texas to California and to Wyoming estimates animal wastes by county throughout the region. Other analysis includes state regulations, appropriate commercial energy technologies and economic analyses of hypothetical rural situations. The authors estimated the region's energy potential from animal manure as 22 million barrels of oil annually, about half of all the petroleum products used by Nebraskans in 1995. February 1994. 106 pages

Swine Waste Treatment: Odor, Energy and Economics: A Workshop

This summary of an Oklahoma workshop answered basic questions for both large and small hog operations:

  • What is a treatment system and how does it operate?
  • What systems are best for small operations and what systems are best for large operations?
  • What methods can be utilized to reduce odors?
  • Can hog wastes be utilized economically as energy sources?
  • March 1996. 29 pages