A Solar Information Source

Did you know sunlight hitting the earth's surface in one hour is enough to supply humankind with enough energy for one year?

This is just one interesting fact students and teachers can learn at the web site www.solarpartners.org  The goal of Global Solar Partners is to bring together teachers and students worldwide to share ideas about energy in a sustainable future.

Among the resources at the site:

Global Solar Exchange Unit. This unit is designed for students 12 to 16 and older to research aspects of solar energy in their own communities and then exchange the information and ideas with other studies around the world. This is a short, focused project, typically lasting three to six hours.

Plug in the Sun. This classroom activity study guide is for students 11 to 16. International educators and solar energy experts developed Plug in the Sun. This downloadable file also contain six real-life case studies of photovoltaic applications from around the world.

Global Solar Partners is a project from the Association for Science Education with sponsorship from BP Solarex, a unit of BP Amoco.

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