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The Number of Registered Vehicles in
Nebraska by the Fuel Consumed

Currently, in Nebraska, over three–quarters of all vehicles use gasoline or an ethanol–blend. There are 1,535,821 gasoline/ethanol–blend vehicles, 193,520 flex fuel vehicles, 133,691 diesel/biodiesel vehicles, 14,430 electric/gasoline hydrid vehicles, 4,812 compressed natural gas vehicles, 713 vehicles with gasoline engines that can easily be converted to gaseous–powered engines (powered by natural gas, propane, etc.), 515 propane vehicles, 185 vehicles using only ethanol fuel (dedicated), 320 electric vehicles, and 79 vehicles using only methanol gas (dedicated).

From 2014 to 2016, the percentages are relatively the same. From 2016, vehicles operating on gasoline or an ethanol–blend comprise the majority of registered vehicles in Nebraska (81.52 percent). The next largest category is flex fuel vehicles (10.27 percent) followed closely by diesel/biodiesel vehicles (7.10 percent).

Nebraska vehicles consuming other fuels represent 1.12 percent of registered vehicles in Nebraska. Electric and gasoline hydrid vehicles in Nebraska represent 0.766 percent of all registered vehicles, compressed natural gas vehicles represent 0.255 percent, propane vehicles represent 0.027 percent, electric vehicles represent 0.017 percent, ethanol vehicles represent 0.010 percent, vehicles with engines that are convertible to gaseous power represent 0.038 percent, and methanol gas vehicles represent 0.004 percent.

graph representing the percentage of Registered Vehicles in Nebraska by Fuel

The Number of Registered Vehicles in
Nebraska by the Fuel Consumed

(2014 - 2016)

Gasoline Hybrid
Engines Convertible to
Gaseous Power
Diesel/Biodiesel Electric Flex Fuel (FFV) Gasoline/
Ethanol Fuel
Methanol Gas
Natural Gas
201612 14,430 713 133,691 320 193,520 1,535,821 185 79 4,812 515
201512 13,762 845 133,918 253 188,665 1,617,357 206 76 5,359 541
201412 12,101 783 121,965 190 169,401 1,482,127 199 61 5,084 554
201406 11,541 810 120,750 171 165,067 1,499,797 207 69 5,272 553

Sources: Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles, Lincoln, NE. Nebraska Energy Office, Lincoln, NE.

Notes: NA indicates that data is not available. An engine convertible to a gaseous power is a vehicle with a gasoline engine that can be easily converted to a gaseous-powered engine (powered by natural gas, propane, etc.).

The table and graph were updated on May 10, 2017.
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