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Nebraska's Biodiesel Production Capacity

Commercial biodiesel plants in Nebraska currently have the capacity to produce 5,400,000 gallons although both plants have ceased production. The graph below and the table at the bottom of this report show each plant's annual production capacity for each year. "Plant being revived" (a May 25, 2013, article in the Lincoln Journal-Star) provides information on the Beatrice Biodiesel Plant, which was never in operation. The owners are retrofitting the 50-million-gallon-per-year plant to use inedible plant and animal material for feedstock. After evaluation, the owners will decide whether or not to open the plant for commercial production.

  • Horizon Biofuels, Inc., had been making biodiesel for use in their own equipment. They then moved from small "home brew" batches to becoming the first commercial biodiesel operation in the state of Nebraska in September 2006. They had plans to expand their presence in the market by building a 6.2-million-gallon production facility, but those plans are now on hold.
  • Northeast Nebraska Biodiesel LLC built a facility in Scribner with the capacity to produce five million gallons of biodiesel per year. The facility is Nebraska's only commercial-size soy biodiesel plant. Due to high soybean prices and low fuel prices, the plant closed at the end of October 2009, but with the right market conditions, there is always a possibility that the plant could restart biodiesel production.
bar chart showing Nebraska's Biodiesel Production Capacity from 2006 through 2009.

Nebraska's Biodiesel Production Capacity, 2006 - 2009


Year Horizon Biofuels, Inc.

Northeast Nebraska Biodiesel

Annual Total
2009 400,000 5,000,000 5,400,000
2008 400,000 5,000,000 5,400,000
2007 400,000 2,000,000 2,400,000
2006 400,000 400,000

Source: Nebraska Energy Office, Lincoln, NE.

The table and graph were updated on June 26, 2013.