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Ethanol Production Capacity by Plant

As of August 2007, the United States had the capacity to produce 6,778.4 million (6.8 billion) gallons of ethanol and had plans for an additional 6,650.9 million (6.7 billion) gallons.  Nebraska's capacity was 977.5 million gallons, or 14 percent, of the nation's capacity.  Nebraska had 768 million gallons capacity under construction or in plans for expansion.

The ethanol section of the state energy office's energy statistics has more information.

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Fuel Ethanol Production Capacity
by State and by Plant

(Million Gallons Per Year as of August 2007)

Location Current
United States Total 6,778.4 6,650.9
Pinal Energy, LLC Maricopa, AZ 55.0 NA
Arizona Total 55.0 NA
Cilion Ethanol Keyes, CA 50.0 NA
Golden Cheese Company of California Corona, CA 5.0 NA
Pacific Ethanol Imperial, CA NA 50.0
Pacific Ethanol Madera, CA 35.0 NA
Pacific Ethanol Stockton, CA NA 50.0
Parallel Products R. Cucamonga, CA *3.0 NA
Phoenix Biofuels Goshen, CA 25.0 NA
California Total 118.0 100.0
Front Range Energy, LLC Windsor, CO 40.0 NA
Merrick & Company Golden, CO 3.0 NA
Sterling Ethanol, LLC Sterling, CO 42.0 NA
Yuma Ethanol Yuma, CO NA 40.0
Colorado Total 85.0 40.0
First United Ethanol, LLC (FUEL) Mitchell Co., GA NA 100.0
Wind Gap Farms Baconton, GA 0.4 NA
Georgia Total 0.4 100.0
Idaho Ethanol Processing Caldwell, ID 4.0 NA
Pacific Ethanol Burley, ID NA 50.0
Renova Energy Hyaburn, ID NA 20.0
Idaho Total 4.0 70.0
Adkins Energy, LLC Lena, IL 40.0 NA
Archer Daniels Midland Decatur, IL *274.0 NA
Archer Daniels Midland Peoria, IL *273.0 NA
Aventine Renewable Energy, Inc. Pekin, IL *157.0 NA
Center Ethanol Company Sauget, IL NA 54.0
Central Illinois Energy, LLC Canton, IL NA 37.0
Illinois River Energy, LLC Rochelle, IL 50.0 NA
Lincolnland Agri-Energy, LLC Palestine, IL 48.0 NA
Marquis Energy, LLC Hennepin, IL NA 100.0
MGP Ingredients, Inc. Pekin, IL *39.0 NA
Patriot Renewable Fuels, LLC Annawan, IL NA 100.0
Illinois Total 881.0 291.0
Cardinal Ethanol Harrisville, IN NA 100.0
Central Indiana Ethanol, LLC Marion, IN 40.0 NA
Indiana Bio-Energy Bluffton, IN NA 101.0
Iroquois Bio-Energy Company, LLC Rensselaer, IN 40.0 NA
New Energy Corp. South Bend, IN 102.0 NA
POET Alexandria, IN NA *115.0
POET North Manchester , IN NA *65.0
POET Portland, IN NA *65.0
The Andersons Clymers Ethanol, LLC Clymers, IN 110.0 NA
VeraSun Energy Corporation Linden, IN NA *110.0
Indiana Total 292.0 556.0
Absolute Energy, LLC St. Ansgar, IA NA 100.0
Amaizing Energy, LLC Denison, IA 40.0 NA
Archer Daniels Midland Cedar Rapids, IA *260.0 *275.0
Archer Daniels Midland Clinton, IA *153.0 NA
Big River Resources, LLC West Burlington, IA 52.0 50.0
Big River Resources Grinnell, LLC (joint venture with US BioEnergy) Grinnell, IA NA 40.0
Cargill, Inc. Eddyville, IA 35.0 NA
CassCo Amaizing Energy, LLC Atlantic, IA NA 110.0
Corn, LP Goldfield, IA 50.0 NA
Global Ethanol/Midwest Grain Processors Lakota, IA 95.0 NA
Golden Grain Energy, LLC Mason City, IA 110.0 50.0
Grain Processing Corp. Muscatine, IA 20.0 NA
Green Plains Renewable Energy Shenandoah, IA 50.0 NA
Green Plains Renewable Energy Superior, IA NA 50.0
Hawkeye Renewables, LLC Fairbank, IA 115.0 NA
Hawkeye Renewables, LLC Iowa Falls, IA 105.0 NA
Hawkeye Renewables, LLC Menlo, IA NA 100.0
Hawkeye Renewables, LLC Shell Rock, IA NA 110.0
Lincolnway Energy, LLC Nevada, IA 50.0 NA
Little Sioux Corn Processors, LP Marcus, IA 52.0 NA
Penford Products Cedar Rapids, IA NA 45.0
Permeate Refining Hopkinton, IA 1.5 NA
Pine Lake Corn Processors, LLC Steamboat Rock, IA 20.0 NA
Platinum Ethanol, LLC Arthur, IA NA 110.0
Plymouth Ethanol, LLC Merrill, IA NA 50.0
POET Ashton, IA *55.0 NA
POET Coon Rapids, IA *54.0 NA
POET Corning, IA *60.0 NA
POET Emmetsburg, IA *53.0 NA
POET Gowrie, IA *60.0 NA
POET Hanlontown, IA *45.0 NA
POET Jewell, IA *60.0 NA
Quad-County Corn Processors Galva, IA 27.0 NA
Siouxland Energy & Livestock Coop Sioux Center, IA 25.0 35.0
Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy, LLC Council Bluffs, IA NA 110.0
Tate & Lyle Ft. Dodge, IA NA 105.0
US BioEnergy Corp. Albert City, IA *100.0 NA
US BioEnergy Corp. Dyersville, IA NA *100.0
VeraSun Energy Corporation Charles City, IA *110.0 NA
VeraSun Energy Corporation Ft. Dodge, IA *110.0 NA
VeraSun Energy Corporation Hartely, IA NA *110.0
Xethanol BioFuels, LLC Blairstown, IA 5.0 35.0
Iowa Total 1,972.5 1,585.0
Abengoa Bioenergy Corp. Colwich, KS 25.0 NA
Arkalon Energy, LLC Liberal, KS NA 110.0
Bonanza Energy, LLC Garden City, KS NA 55.0
E Caruso (Goodland Energy Center) Goodland, KS NA 20.0
East Kansas Agri-Energy, LLC Garnett, KS 35.0 NA
ESE Alcohol Inc. Leoti, KS 1.5 NA
Gateway Ethanol Pratt, KS NA 55.0
Kansas Ethanol, LLC Lyons, KS NA 55.0
MGP Ingredients, Inc. Atchison, KS *6.0 NA
Prairie Horizon Agri-Energy, LLC Phillipsburg, KS 40.0 NA
Reeve Agri-Energy Garden City, KS 12.0 NA
U.S. Energy Partners, LLC (White Energy) Russell, KS 48.0 NA
Western Plains Energy, LLC Campus, KS 45.0 NA
Kansas Total 212.5 295.0
Commonwealth Agri-Energy, LLC Hopkinsville, KY 33.0 NA
Parallel Products Louisville, KY *2.4 NA
Kentucky Total 35.4 NA
Celunol Jennings, LA NA 1.5
Louisiana Total NA 1.5
Global Ethanol/Midwest Grain Processors Riga, MI 57.0 NA
Marysville Ethanol, LLC Marysville, MI NA 50.0
POET Caro, MI *52.0 NA
The Andersons Albion Ethanol LLC Albion, MI 55.0 NA
US BioEnergy Corp. Woodbury, MI *50.0 NA
Michigan Total 214.0 50.0
Agri-Energy, LLC Luverne, MN 21.0 NA
Al-Corn Clean Fuel Claremont, MN 35.0 15.0
Archer Daniels Midland Marshall, MN *40.0 NA
BioFuel Energy – Buffal Lake Fairmont, MN NA 115.0
Bushmills Ethanol, Inc. Atwater, MN 40.0 NA
Central MN Ethanol Coop Little Falls, MN 21.5 NA
Chippewa Valley Ethanol Co. Benson, MN 45.0 NA
Corn Plus, LLP Winnebago, MN 44.0 NA
DENCO, LLC Morris, MN 21.5 NA
Granite Falls Energy, LLC Granite Falls, MN 52.0 NA
Heartland Corn Products Winthrop, MN 100.0 NA
Heron Lake BioEnergy, LLC Heron Lake, MN NA 50.0
Land O'Lakes Melrose, MN 2.6 NA
Minnesota Energy Buffalo Lake, MN 18.0 NA
Otter Tail Ag Enterprises Fergus Falls, MN NA 57.5
POET Bingham Lake, MN *32.0 NA
POET Glenville, MN *40.0 NA
POET Lake Crystal, MN *56.0 NA
POET Preston, MN *36.0 NA
US BioEnergy Corp. Janesville, MN NA *150.0
VeraSun Energy Corporation Welcome, MN NA *110.0
Minnesota Total 604.6 497.5
Golden Triangle Energy, LLC Craig, MO 20.0 NA
Lifeline Foods, LLC St. Joseph, MO NA 40.0
Mid-Missouri Energy, Inc. Malta Bend, MO 45.0 NA
POET Laddonia, MO *45.0 NA
POET Macon, MO *36.0 NA
Missouri Total 146.0 40.0
Abengoa Bioenergy Corp. Ravenna, NE 88.0 NA
Abengoa Bioenergy Corp. York, NE 55.0 NA
Advanced Bioenergy Fairmont, NE NA 100.0
AGP Hastings, NE 52.0 NA
Archer Daniels Midland Columbus, NE *80.0 *275.0
Aventine Renewable Energy, Inc. Aurora, NE *50.0 NA
BioFuel Energy – Pioneer Trail Energy, LLC Wood River, NE NA 115.0
Cargill, Inc. Blair, NE 85.0 NA
Chief Ethanol Hastings, NE 62.0 NA
Cornhusker Energy Lexington, LLC Lexington, NE 40.0 NA
E Energy Adams, LLC Adams, NE NA 50.0
E3 Biofuels Mead, NE 24.0 NA
Elkhorn Valley Ethanol, LLC Norfolk, NE NA 40.0
Holt County Ethanol O'Neill, NE NA 100.0
Husker Ag, LLC Plainview, NE 26.5 NA
KAAPA Ethanol, LLC Minden, NE 40.0 NA
Mid America Agri Products/Wheatland Madrid, NE NA 44.0
Midwest Renewable Energy, LLC Sutherland, NE 25.0 NA
NEDAK Ethanol Atkinson, NE NA 44.0
Siouxland Ethanol, LLC Jackson, NE 50.0 NA
Trenton Agri Products, LLC Trenton, NE 40.0 NA
US BioEnergy Corp. Central City, NE *100.0 NA
US BioEnergy Corp. Ord, NE *50.0 NA
VeraSun Energy Corporation Albion, NE *110.0 NA
Nebraska Total 977.5 768.0
New Mexico
Abengoa Bioenergy Corp. Portales, NM 30.0 NA
New Mexico Total 30.0 NA
New York
Northeast Biofuels Volney, NY NA 114.0
Western New York Energy, LLC Shelby, NY NA 50.0
New York Total NA 164.0
North Dakota
Alchem Ltd. LLLP Grafton, ND 10.5 NA
Archer Daniels Midland Wallhalla, ND *23.0 NA
Blue Flint Ethanol Underwood, ND 50.0 NA
Red Trail Energy, LLC Richardton, ND 50.0 NA
Tharaldson Ethanol Casselton, ND 110.0 100.0
US BioEnergy Corp. Hankinson, ND NA *100.0
North Dakota Total 243.5 200.0
Coshoctan Ethanol, OH Coshoctan, OH NA 60.0
Greater Ohio Ethanol, LLC Lima, OH NA 54.0
POET Fostoria, OH NA *65.0
POET Leipsic, OH NA *65.0
POET Marion, OH NA *65.0
The Andersons Marathon Ethanol, LLC Greenville, OH NA 110.0
VeraSun Energy Corporation Bloomingburg, OH NA *110.0
Ohio Total NA 529.0
Cascade Grain Clatskanie, OR NA 108.0
Pacific Ethanol Boardman, OR 35.0 NA
Oregon Total 35.0 108.0
South Dakota
Aberdeen Energy Mina, SD NA 100.0
Dakota Ethanol, LLC Wentworth, SD 50.0 NA
Glacial Lakes Energy, LLC Watertown, SD 50.0 50.0
Heartland Grain Fuels, LP Aberdeen, SD 9.0 NA
Heartland Grain Fuels, LP Huron, SD 12.0 18.0
Millennium Ethanol Marion, SD NA 100.0
Missouri Valley Renewable Energy, LLC Meckling, SD NA 60.0
North Country Ethanol, LLC Rosholt, SD 20.0 NA
POET Big Stone, SD *75.0 NA
POET Chancellor, SD *50.0 NA
POET Groton, SD *50.0 NA
POET Hudson, SD *50.0 NA
POET Mitchell, SD *60.0 NA
POET Scotland, SD *11.0 NA
Redfield Energy, LLC Redfield, SD 50.0 NA
VeraSun Energy Corporation Aurora, SD *120.0 NA
South Dakota Total 607.0 328.0
Ethanol Grain Processors, LLC Obion, TN NA 100.0
Tate & Lyle Loudon, TN 67.0 38.0
Tennessee Total 67.0 138.0
Levelland/Hockley County Ethanol, LLC Levelland, TX NA 40.0
Panda Ethanol Hereford, TX NA 115.0
Panhandle Energies of Dumas, LP Dumas, TX NA 30.0
Plainview BioEnergy, LLC Plainview, TX NA 100.0
White Energy Hereford, TX NA 100.0
Texas Total NA 385.0
Northwest Renewable, LLC Longview, WA NA 55.0
Washington Total NA 55.0
ACE Ethanol, LLC Stanley, WI 41.0 NA
Badger State Ethanol, LLC Monroe, WI 48.0 NA
Castle Rock Renewable Fuels, LLC Necedah, WI NA 50.0
Grand River Distribution Cambria, WI NA 40.0
Renew Energy Jefferson Junction, WI NA 130.0
United Ethanol Milton, WI 52.0 NA
United WI Grain Producers, LLC Friesland, WI 49.0 NA
Utica Energy, LLC Oshkosh, WI 48.0 NA
Western Wisconsin Renewable Energy, LLC Boyceville, WI 40.0 NA
Wisconsin Total 278.0 220.0
Renova Energy Torrington, WY 5.0 NA
Wyoming Total 5.0 NA

Sources: Renewable Fuels Association, Washington, DC.  Nebraska Energy Office, Lincoln, NE.

Notes: NA = Not Applicable. An asterisk (*) indicates the company's total capacity is divided among its plants.  Organizations, groups, companies, or individuals in the agency's links pages are for information only and are not an endorsement by the State of Nebraska or the Nebraska Energy Office and its management or staff.

This table was updated on October 31, 2007.

Typically, there is one month between updates.