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Ethanol Production by State

Nebraska has the fourth largest ethanol production capacity in the country, based on the latest federal figures.  As of May 2005, Nebraska has the capacity to produce 523 million gallons of ethanol, which is 11 percent of the nation's capacity of 4.7 billion gallons.  Iowa has the largest production capacity (1,532.5 million gallons which is 32 percent of the nation's total), and Washington has the smallest production capacity (0.7 million gallons).

The figures include gallons currently under construction although the Renewable Fuels Association does not include six of Nebraska's new plants.  The plants shut down for the next 12-18 months to begin building larger facilities or to secure financing needed for expansion.

The ethanol section of the state energy office's energy statistics has more information.

See the archive for reports from prior months.

Ethanol Facilities
Nameplate Capacity and Production Capacity
Ranked by State

(Largest to Smallest Capacity as of
May 2005)

Rank State Ethanol Production Capacity
(Million Gallons Per Year)
1 Iowa 1,532.5
2 Illinois 816.0
3 Minnesota 523.6
4 Nebraska 523.0
5 South Dakota 458.0
6 Wisconsin 210.0
7 Kansas 149.5
8 Missouri 105.0
9 Indiana 102.0
10 Tennessee 67.0
11 Michigan 50.0
12 Colorado 43.5
13 North Dakota 33.5
14 California 33.0
15 New Mexico 30.0
16 Texas 30.0
17 Kentucky 25.4
18 Wyoming 5.0
19 Ohio 4.0
20 Washington 0.7
United States Total 4,741.7

Sources: Renewable Fuels Association, Washington, DC.  Nebraska Energy Office, Lincoln, NE.

This table was updated on November 8, 2005.

Typically, there is one month between updates.