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Natural Gas Service Providers and
Their Prices in Nebraska


In 2005, the residential sector paid an average of $10.68 per thousand cubic feet for natural gas, the commercial sector paid $9.45, the industrial sector paid $8.38, and the electric power sector paid $8.16.

The state's natural gas was supplied by nineteen companies whose average 2005 residential rates ranged from Hastings Utilities' $7.20 to the City of Alma's $13.45 per thousand cubic feet.  Commercial rates ranged from Hastings Utilities' $6.92 to the City of Wahoo's $12.39.  Rates for natural gas used by electric utilities ranged from Stuart Gas Company's $6.37 to Nebraska City Utilities' $8.52.  Industrial rates ranged from the City of Wisner's $6.20 to the City of Falls City's $17.25.

Notes:  An archive is available.  Divide the price by ten (10) to obtain the price per hundred cubic feet (ccf) or the approximate price per therm.

Nebraska's Natural Gas Prices
by Company and by Sector

(Average Price per Thousand Cubic Feet Including Taxes)

Company Type of
Commercial Electric
Industrial Residential Vehicle
State of Nebraska $9.45 $8.16 $8.38 $10.68 NA
Alma Natural Gas Company, City of Consumer-Owned $12.19 NA NA $13.45 NA
Aquila Inc. Investor-Owned $10.04 NA $8.53 $11.03 NA
Central City Gas Department Consumer-Owned $8.38 NA $8.39 $8.77 NA
Falls City, City of Consumer-Owned $10.65 NA $17.25 $10.02 NA
Fremont Department of Utilities Consumer-Owned $9.23 $7.77 $8.06 $10.61 NA
Hastings Utilities Consumer-Owned $6.92 $7.72 $9.10 $7.20 NA
Lyons, City of Consumer-Owned $10.82 NA NA $11.00 NA
Metropolitan Utilities District of Omaha Consumer-Owned $9.26 $8.39 $8.15 $10.35 NA
MidAmerican Energy Company Investor-Owned $9.90 NA $8.89 $11.40 NA
Nebraska City Utilities Consumer-Owned $9.86 $8.52 $9.66 $10.76 NA
Northwestern Energy Investor-Owned $9.17 NA $8.69 $11.85 NA
Pender, Village of Consumer-Owned $8.33 NA NA $9.40 NA
Ponca Public Utilities Consumer-Owned $11.32 NA NA $12.78 NA
Scribner Utilities, City of Consumer-Owned $12.02 NA NA $12.55 NA
Stromsburg, City of Consumer-Owned $11.55 NA $13.41 $13.05 NA
Stuart Gas Company Consumer-Owned $8.95 $6.37 $7.75 $11.33 NA
Superior, City of Consumer-Owned $11.62 NA $10.84 $11.97 NA
Wahoo, City of Consumer-Owned $12.39 NA $10.86 $12.63 NA
Wisner, City of Consumer-Owned $7.84 NA $6.20 $8.38 NA

Sources: Natural Gas Annual and Form EIA-176, Annual Report of Natural and Supplemental Gas Supply and Disposition.  Energy Information Administration, Washington, DC.  Nebraska Energy Office, Lincoln, NE.

Notes: NA = Not Applicable. Organizations, groups, companies, or individuals in the agency's links pages are for information only and are not an endorsement by the State of Nebraska or the Nebraska Energy Office and its management or staff.

This table was updated on April 3, 2007.

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