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Opportunities of Improving Industrial Environmental Control Systems Energy Performance in Nebraska (2008) $49,767

In September 2008, the Energy Office received $49,767 from the U.S. Department of Energy funding opportunity, Save Energy Now: State Industrial Assessment Projects, solicitation. The Nebraska proposal partnered the agency with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Omaha Public Power District. This project identified 14 industrial facilities in the state (eight more than required), collected data on their systems, fuel sources and energy consumption and conducted on-site measurements of their operations. An analysis was performed on the environmental systems at six of the facilities and an energy assessment report was produced that identified energy and operations improvement saving opportunities totaling $5 million annually. Omaha Public Power District and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln received contracts under this proposal for $12,444 and $34,983, respectively.

This project was completed in January 2009.  Final Report: Opportunities of Improving Industrial Environmental Control System Energy Performance in Nebraska

Develop and Implement Industrial Technologies Programs in Large Energy Consumption Industrial Plants (2005) $100,000

The Energy Office received a $100,000 Industries of the Future grant from the U.S. Department of Energy in October of 2005 to develop and demonstrate advanced Industrial Technologies Programs using two case studies and to initiate a statewide effort in Nebraska's industrial sector. Advanced Industrial Technologies Programs allow industry owners to implement major energy efficiency improvements with little or no capital investment. A total of 17 buildings were evaluated including food processing plants, data processing facilities and medical manufacturers and laboratories. Comprehensive energy case studies were conducted on six buildings. Advanced industrial technologies program improvements were implemented in three buildings. The detailed retrofit improvements, estimated energy savings and project cost were provided to building owners.

The project was completed September 30, 2007.


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