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Federal Energy Management Program
The U.S. Department of Energy offers the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) to promote energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy resources at federal sites, save and taxpayer dollars, and demonstrate leadership with responsible, cleaner energy choices. The Nebraska Energy Office was awarded the following State Energy Program — Special Projects grants under the FEMP category:
  • Renewable Energy Use at Air Force Dormitories — Omaha Public Power District and Offutt Air Force Base (2001, $76,000)
  • Energy Manager — Nebraska Army National Guard (1999, $64,500)
  • Energy Guard — Nebraska Army National Guard (1996, $70,000)

Renewable Energy Use at Air Force Dormitories - Omaha Public Power District and Offutt Air Force Base (2001, $76,000)

  In partnership with the Omaha Public Power District and the U.S. Air Force at Offutt Air Force Base, this project determined the most energy-efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for the federal dormitories and facilities.

The project also provided subsurface geological conditions information for use when determining the viability of geothermal heat pump HVAC systems as an environmentally conscious alternative for the United States Air Force and heightened awareness regarding the economic viability of alternative HVAC systems available for heating and cooling military dormitories and facilities.

The results of the study and preliminary design documents typical for military dormitories were shared with representatives from the 18 Air Force Bases in the Air Force’s Air Combat Command; and lessened future costs of the U.S. Air Force by providing reliable information regarding the installation of high-efficiency HVAC systems in federal government buildings. More information about this project appeared in the Nebraska Energy Quarterly, June 2004.

Energy Manager - Nebraska Army National Guard (1999, $64,500)
    In partnership with the Nebraska Army National Guard, the purpose of the Resource Energy Manager project was to provide the position of Energy Manager to implement energy efficiency improvements identified in the audits conducted in 1996-1998 under a previous FEMP Special Projects grant. The Energy Manager coordinated the implementation of energy projects and served to assure energy audit recommendations were actually implemented and actual energy and cost savings were quantified.

Typical completed energy projects included lighting retrofits, mechanical upgrades and furnace/boiler improvements. Various projects were implemented outside the energy audit recommendations, such as natural gas contracting, energy management systems, removal of unused meters and meter consolidation, correcting utility billing errors, justification of the reduction in computer use (power off all equipment during non-working hours), renewable energy applications and updating the utility tracking data base.

The Energy Manager developed a list of projects by location. The list detailed the annual cost savings and the annual energy savings generated from the projects identified in the energy audits for the various military facilities located throughout the state. The energy improvement projects that were implemented generated annual cost savings of $105,052 and annual energy savings of 6,342 Million BTUs. Recurring annual cost savings were estimated to be $49,000 and recurring annual energy savings were estimated to be 3,731 Million BTUs. In addition, one-time savings totaled $19,169 on various projects such as the removal of unused meters being bills, gas contracting using future trends, and one time mechanical improvements. The intent of the position was to demonstrate that energy savings could fund the cost of the position for future work.

Energy Guard - Nebraska Army National Guard (1996, $70,000)
In partnership with the Nebraska Army National Guard, the purpose of the Energy Guard project was to provide audits on federal and state military buildings to identify energy efficient lighting, building envelopes and operating system improvement opportunities. Staff from the Energy Office and the Nebraska Army National Guard’s Facilities Management Office — Engineering Branch developed a strategy to complete the scope of work for this two-year project. Military personnel selected and prioritized buildings to be inspected, and provided floor plans plus some utility consumption and costs data for the targeted buildings. The Energy Office’s engineer and architect, collegiate interns and two technical contractors completed the energy audits. A written report of current conditions and specific recommendations for energy- and cost-saving improvements were provided to the FMO for each building. Audits and reports were completed on 44 buildings. A total of 238 energy-saving and cost-saving recommendations were made for improvements costing an estimated $335,266. Suggested improvements were calculated to produce annual estimated energy savings of $44,662, having a simple payback of 7.5 years and resulting in a reduction of nine percent (9%) in annual utility bills. A final report included general findings plus recommendations in the areas of building envelopes, mechanical systems, lighting, controls and renewable energy opportunities.
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