What is Rebuild Nebraska?

Since 1996, the Energy Office has received three competitive federal Rebuild America grants totaling $450,000 from the U.S. Department of Energy. Of this amount, $100,000 was awarded for Rebuild Otoe County.

Rebuild Nebraska partners are owners of commercial or multi-family buildings who voluntarily agree to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs in existing buildings. The Energy Office offers partners access to services such as free assessments of energy use and low-cost loans for making improvements.

One of the key barriers to making energy efficiency improvements can be access to affordable financing. Under Rebuild Nebraska and Rebuild Otoe County, the agency attempts to eliminate this barrier where possible by extending access to 5% Dollar and Energy Saving Loans for larger commercial ventures. The agency also provides a customer-specific listing of financing options available to each partner.

118 And Counting

As of the end of March, the Energy Office had secured 118 Rebuild partners across the state. The agency has completed 87 energy assessments on 351 buildings totaling 3.67 million square feet. Since Nebraska began Rebuild, the agency has consistently ranked in the top three states nationally in performance measurements. The agency is on track to meet the original goal of 150 partners by the end of June.

For more information about Rebuild Nebraska, contact Lynn Chamberlin in the Energy Office.

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