The Most Likely Energy Technologies of Tomorrow

Futurists tread where meteorologists and economists wouldn't even dare. While weather forecasters feel confident about looking five days ahead and economists will gaze only one or two quarters ahead with trepidation, futurists throw caution to the wind and shoot ahead 30 years and more to the world to come.

To find out what the world of tomorrow will look like, a George Washington University professor and two students compiled a survey of which technologies are likely to emerge in the next 30 years. Their findings appeared in the November/December issue of The Futurist.

"This is the best available knowledge that we can pull together. It is the best scientific consensus from a panel of 50 international authorities," Professor William Halal said.

While the findings identified 85 likely technological advances establishing a permanent base on the moon by 2028, entertainment on demand by 2003 and the majority of farmers will have adopted organic or alternative farming methods including a 50 percent reduction in fertilizers and pesticides by 2012 the Quarterly has focused on only the advances in energy technologies.