Noted and Quoted
On Changing the State's Electric System...

"Over the past several years, the Legislature has looked long and hard at our electric system to answer one question: Is our public power system ready for the 21st century? At the federal level, and in a number of states, efforts are underway to "deregulate" the electric industry. They say it will increase competition and lower rates. In Nebraska, we needed to know how these changes could affect us.

"What we found out was heartening. Our system is solid and ready to meet our needs today and tomorrow. While no one is certain how efforts underway to change the electric industry in other parts of the nation will affect us, we must be vigilant and patient. Each year, the state's Power Review Board, will assess the situation in key areas and report to the Legislature its findings.

"So far, we have concluded the state's system created more than 100 years ago is still working, and working well."

Governor Mike Johanns
The Future of Nebraska's Electric Utility Industry
May 3, 2001