12 Take a Look

In 1999, the Legislature created the Biopower Steering Committee to determine if there are usable biomass resources - agriculture or wood products or residues and farm-grown energy crops - in the state that can be converted to energy, especially electricity. By 2003, the group is to conclude its study, but it reports to the Legislature on its progress every year until then.

The 12-person group plans to review previous research on biomass potential in the state, investigate proven and new biomass conversion technologies and analyze the economics of biomass conversion options.

The members of the group are: Lane Kugler of Eustis, Chairman; Roger Chesley of Callaway; Robert Coupland of Valentine; Chris Dibbern of Lincoln; Senator "Cap" Dierks of Ewing; Duane Kristensen of Minden; Patrick Langan of Lincoln; Lynda Marshal of Lincoln; Larry Pearce of Bellevue; Senator Ed Schrock of Elm Creek; Frank Thompson of Columbus and Scott Welk of Grand Island.

The Steering Committee meets frequently, usually in Lincoln. For more information about this group's work, contact Lane Kugler, 75429 Road 424, Cozad 69130, phone 308-324-2834, or Larry Pearce in the Energy Office, email at lpearce@mail.state.ne.us  

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