And Data From a Different Perspective...

The Energy Information Administration, which is part of the U.S. Department of Energy, has recently revised a portion of its web site devoted to state-based energy information.  In addition to expanding the content available, the data series have been updated to 1999 in many areas. 
Among the sections modified and improved include:

  • Petroleum -- product prices, sales and stocks
  • Natural gas -- prices, production and sales, restructuring plans and data summaries
  • Electricity -- sales and revenue for residential, commercial, industrial and all sectors, restructuring plans and data summaries
  • Nuclear -- information on the state's two nuclear reactors
  • Coal -- data summaries
  • Total energy -- prices and consumption

The revised Nebraska section also includes an energy infrastructure map as well as links to other state-based resources such as wind and other types of alternative energy resources.  The map of regional energy markets includes electricity plants greater than 100 megawatts and the type of fuel used and energy processing and transmission systems for electricity, natural gas and petroleum. 

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