October 24 and 25...
Steam Plant Workshop Coming to Omaha

The slowing national economy has re-focused attention on energy efficiency, especially in larger commercial and industrial buildings.  But, some plant managers believe up-front costs for making improvements in steam plants in large facilities may be too costly. 

A workshop scheduled for October 24 and 25 in Omaha  will offer methods to recognize cost-saving potential areas in steam plants and to make the necessary changes so savings can be realized.

Among the areas covered in the workshop will be operating and maintenance procedures, fast payback heat recovery and cogeneration projects.  Attendees will also learn the latest techniques for measurement instrumentation, safety equipment and testing, cleaning and storage options. 

The Boiler Efficiency Institute, which is conducting the workshops, is the nationally recognized leader in training for optimizing facility systems to minimize costs.  Instructors from the Institute have presented several hundred cost-reduction workshops on boiler efficiency and heating, ventilating and air conditioning plant operation improvement over the last 17 years. 

The Boiler Efficiency workshop will be held at the Embassy Suites in downtown Omaha at 555 South 10th Street.  The Energy Office is a co-sponsor of the session.

The registration fee for the two day workshop is $695, which includes two textbooks, program materials, computer software, lunch and refreshments.  Lodging expenses are not included.  Attendees must make their own hotel reservations.

For more information, contact the Boiler Efficiency Institute by phone at 800-669-6948, and by email at
boiler@aub.minspring.com   More information about the Boiler Efficiency Institute can be found at

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