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Geothermal Heat Pump Installations Likely to Increase

A portion of the geothermal design workshop was devoted to having participants gain experience in utilizing geothermal heat pumps in building designs.  Attendees, pictured above, learn that a software program makes the job a lot easier.

One of the barriers to the use of geothermal heat pumps in Nebraska has been a lack of people who knew how to install the systems or how to use these systems in buildings.  Because of a recent series of workshops, those days are over.

During the past two years, the Energy Office has provided a series of training sessions to remove some of the barriers to geothermal heat pump use in the state.  The state's three largest utilities -- Lincoln Electric System, Nebraska Public Power District and Omaha Public Power District -- have provided critical support for the endeavor.

Sixty-seven engineers and other professionals gained experience in heat pump design and cost containment issues at the most recent session held in Millard in August.  One of the nation's leading experts on geothermal heat pump design and training software, Dr. Steven Kavanaugh of Energy Information Services in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, led the one-day session.

Previous geothermal heat pump workshops provided well drillers and others with International Ground Source Heat Pump certification courses.  Taught by another national leading expert, Dr. Charles Remund of the Geothermal Support Center in Brookings, South Dakota, these courses featured practical applications of the technology so Nebraska well drillers could become proficient in installation practices. 

The Nebraska workshops were made possible with a $50,000 State Energy Project grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. 

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