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Nebraska Wind Working Group

  To educate and update Nebraskans with the current information on wind energy markets, technologies, economics, policies, prospects, and issues.

Periodic meetings; targeted workshops such as wind integration for utilities, policy options for legislators and regulators; and a state-wide wind conference every 12-18 months.

  Open to all individuals and groups interested in wind energy including utilities, advocates, agricultural community, regulatory bodies, state and national legislative staff, county commissioners, municipalities, rural and economic development groups, universities, state energy staff, wind industry, permitting authorities, regional transmission organizations, and interested land owner groups. NOTE: The Nebraska Wind Working Group is not intended to be a wind neutral group where adversaries are welcome to equal time bashing wind; this is to be a wind-interested, non-advocacy group that strives for the responsible deployment of wind.
  Convened by state official/s; facilitated by the Nebraska Energy Office. In addition to meetings, workshops, etc., the Wind Working Group can address more detailed issues (e.g., small wind applications, transmission, policy options, community wind, wind resources, economic development, manufacturing, water, outreach, education, farm bill, wildlife impacts, siting/permitting, wind integration, etc.). Early in the life of a Wind Working Group, it is more informational, and educational on the many aspects of wind energy, but in time focus areas emerge on which the WWG concentrates its efforts. The state wide wind conference is an important activity, and one that often develops a good project to rally around to address the key wind opportunities and challenges.
  The U.S. Department of Energy funds the operations of the Nebraska Wind Working Group under the Wind Powering America program.
Other Support
  Wind Powering America has an extensive network of national and regional experts on a wide range of wind energy topics and makes them available to the state wind working group, depending on specific needs. Additionally, the Wind Powering America/National Renewable Energy Laboratory team has analytical capability to support state specific analyses.
Key Benefits
  Bringing together interested Nebraskans to hear and discusses the latest wind developments and challenges; provides a level playing field for all to discuss paths forward and barriers, based on the latest objective information, rather than myth, mis- and out-of date information.
For More Information
  To request more information about the Wind Powering America and Nebraska Wind Working Group, please visit our contact page and send us your comments, questions or requests.

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