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Business Guide to Source Reduction

Business Guide to Source Reduction Easy Energy and Materials Savings

Easy Energy and Materials Savings
In the Business Guide, you will read about companies that pursued sustainability initiatives, reducing their environmental impact while increasing their profit margin. Their projects demonstrate a crucial strategy in this effort — source reduction. Source reduction involves examining the whole life cycle of a product (extraction of raw materials, transportation, processing, manufacturing, consumer use and disposal) to reveal opportunities for reducing materials and energy consumption.

Businesses and Institutional Energy Savings
Energy and material savings can be achieved by Nebraska and Midwest businesses and institutions by using easy to implement processes. For your FREE copy of the Business Guide to Source Reduction, send us your name and mailing address. A copy of the Business Guide will be mailed to you.

Case Studies of Savings Achieved by Nebraska Businesses
CASE STUDY — Equipment Substitution
Cost savings  =  $1,780/yr
Hazardous waste reduced  =  4,900 lbs/yr
Duncan Aviation of Lincoln, is the largest family-owned aircraft support organization in the U.S. The company replaced the solvent used in parts washers with a less-toxic solvent and changed equipment to a type that recycles and reuses the solvent. The changes resulted in a reduction of 14,800 pounds of hazardous waste, saving $1,780. Since 2002, the company has reduced the hazardous air pollutant content in its cleaner solvents by 36 percent.

CASE STUDY — Changing Nozzles
Cost savings  =  $69,237/yr
Energy savings  =  1,652,434 kWh/yr

Molex, Inc., a manufacturer of electronic connectors in Lincoln, replaced compressed air blow-off nozzles with ones having smaller outlets to reduce air and energy used. This project, with a payback period of only 2.5 days, saved $69,237 a year in energy costs through 1,652,432 kwh/year electricity use reduction.

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