Will Wind Energy Work for You?...
Wind Energy Checklist

The Iowa Wind Energy Checklist: A Step-by-Step Guide for Cities, Schools, Municipal Utilities, Rural Electric Cooperatives, Business and Landowners is designed to determine whether wind energy will work in a particular situation and how a wind energy project can be developed.

The Checklist is specifically designed for small-scale users: people who want to erect one turbine or a small group of turbines in one location. The Checklist brings many resources from numerous organizations together to show prospective wind developers the technical, financial and contractual steps involved before a turbine can be installed.

Among the topics covered in the Checklist:
  • How to gather energy use data
  • How to perform a preliminary wind assessment and conduct a feasibility study
  • How to evaluate impact on utility contracts and purse an agreement with a utility
  • How to apply for financial assistance and available tax exemptions
  • How to contact permit officials including the Federal Aviation Administration, if necessary
  • How to solicit proposals for purchase and installation
  • How to plan for operation and maintenance
The publication extensively uses materials and web sites that can provide greater detail as well as worksheets for tracking electrical and budget information.

The Checklist was developed by the Iowa Association of Municipalities for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources with assistance from the U.S. Department of Energy.
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