A Wind Power Handbook For Publicly-Owned Utilities

The American Public Power Association has developed a Wind Power Handbook for Public Power Utilities in coordination with the U.S. Department of Energy and the Western Area Power Administration. The Handbook was based on the Energy Departmentís Wind Powering America Programís State Wind Working Group Handbook.

The Public Power Utilities Handbook covers a variety of topics including information on wind power technologies, transmission issues and challenges, siting and assessment, wind on federal and state lands, zoning, contracts, environmental issues, interconnection, costs, economic development benefits, integrated resource planning, green pricing and state policies. The Handbook also includes case studies, frequently asked questions, news and recent developments, web resources and a survey instrument.

The American Public Power Association customized the State Handbook to reflect the needs and interest of its member utilities. A printed copy of the Wind Power Handbook for Public Power Utilities can obtained by contacting Michele Ghosh, 202-467-2960.

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