Lots of Facts... Annual Report Cover 2005
Reporting to the Legislature

Who could have guessed that since 1979, more than 57,000 homes in Nebraska have received free weatherization services? That’s just one of the information nuggets found in the 11 pages of the 2005 Nebraska Energy Office’s Annual Report to the Nebraska Legislature.

A look at the popular Dollar and Energy Saving Loan Program reveals more than 22,400 projects have been financed totaling more than $174 million since 1990. More than 92 percent of the projects have been energy efficiency improvements such as replacing furnaces, air conditioners, windows and doors and adding insulation in the homes of Nebraskans.ENERGY STAR®

The State Energy Program section details other federally-funded projects such as Building America, Energy Codes and Standards. Lastly, other projects are profiled that include biomass, ENERGY STAR®, Clean Cities and Wind Powering America.

The yearly overview summarizes the agency's activities during the state’s fiscal year and includes federal, state and trust funded programs. Another section of the report quantifies the state’s energy trends and needs by energy using sector and includes an energy resource assessment of traditional fossil fuels and renewable energy resources.
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