Windows, porch areas and the main entrance under construction
Windows, porch areas and the main entrance are located specifically to minimize the impact of direct sun in summer and cold winter winds.
recycling center
A recycling center is housed in the garage. During construction, the builder collected and separated construction wastes that were recyclable.
These forms are filled with a 20 percent flyash concrete mix was used for the foundation, the basement floor and driveway. Flyash is a waste by-product of electrical generation that is normally landfilled.
special framing
The house has special framing and construction details like these engineered roof trusses. The heating/cooling ductwork is located within a sealed space. “Reduced lumber” framing requirements are used.
blown insulation
A number of environmentally friendly products were used during construction such as spray foam insulation made from soy beans — free of harmful toxins. A non-leaching damp proofing is used on the outside of the foundation walls to protect the basement from moisture. Low water use showerheads and toilets are installed.
energy heal truss
Special framing and construction details are used throughout the house such as these energy heel trusses and a vented roof cavity that helps to reduce heat build-up in the attic.
recycled content doors and trim
A number of recycled products are used in the house such as these interior doors, finger jointed and painted trim boards, all made from small pieces of waste lumber. Porch decking and fiberglass insulation also come from recycled products.
toxic-free paints
The house features products and equipment that help to improve indoor air quality such as paints that have reduced levels of ingredients that cause breathing issues, gypsum board joint compound with low toxic levels and a sealed sump pit with a radon mitigation system.
programmable thermostat
A programmable thermostat is used in the house and is an easy way to reduce energy use.
heating/cooling and water heater system
A high-efficiency furnace and water heater are used. This sealed combustion gas furnace and water heater are placed in the insulated space of the house.
recycled carpet and pad
Many recycled content products are used in the house such as this carpeting and carpet pad made from recycled plastic bottles. The carpet is tacked to the floor, thus avoiding toxic glue and preserving a healthy environment.
NE Gov Heineman presents plaque to owners
Governor Heineman presents the new owners with a Green Built Nebraska Certified Home plaque which is displayed on the house. This certifies the house is built by a certified Green Builder and will be a healthy and efficient home for the owners.
NE Gov Heineman speech
Nebraska Governor Heineman holds a press conference at the opening of the new Affordable Green Built home. The opening was broadcast on radio and television.
crowded driveway on opening day
A large crowd gathered for the opening event. Many people toured the home during the Lincoln Parade of Homes and the public has responded positively to the home.
local brick used on finished house
The finished house uses brick made by a local producer. Purchasing brick that is locally produced reduces the amount of energy needed to transport it from other states. Keep in mind, not everyone is able to get locally produced brick.