Advanced Renewable Energy Project Grant Solicitation

The following projects, after being reviewed by the U.S. Department of Energy for National Environmental Policy Act compliance, have been selected for funding.

Applicant Renewable Energy Type Project Location Grant Award Match Amount Total Project Cost
AGP Corn Processing, Inc. biogas to regenerative thermal oxidizer to allow biogas to displace natural gas input in an anaerobic digester flare Hastings/Adams County $275,000 $50,000 $325,000
Allen Fleischman pole mounted 14KW tracking solar photovoltaic system Tekamah/Washington County $106,250 $17,000 $132,250
Bluestem LLC wind energy test site using direct-drive turbines Springview/Keya Paha County $2,300,000 $4,338,000 $6,638,000
David DeBoer develop & install new generation evacuated tube solar collector Ft. Calhoun/Washington County $10,100 $3,104 $13,204
Design Plastics, Inc. install roof-top mounted vertical vane wind turbines Omaha - Fremont/Douglas - Dodge Counties $148,000 $26,800 $174,800
Herd Co. Feedlot biomass gasification facility Bartlett/Wheeler County $500,000 $2,175,300 $2,675,300
Ho-Chunk CDC active tracking solar on commercial building Winnebago/Thurston County $249,780 $40,000 $289,780
Morrissey Engineering solar photovoltaic on high albedo roof of commercial building Omaha/Douglas County $43,902 $41,844 $85,746
NE Public Power District install a 44.1 kilowatt photovoltaic tracking system Norfolk/Pierce County $343,359 $70,327 $413,685
Nebraska Public Power District 44.1 Kilowatt Photovoltaic Tracking System Installation Time Lapse Video, August 2010 WMV
Nebraska Public Power District GreenTouchscreen®

The U.S. Department of Energy is still reviewing the following projects for State Energy Program compliance and the projects’ suitability under the National Environmental Policy Act.  Final grant award amounts are subject to availability of funding, review of grant request and negotiation with the applicants.

Applicant Renewable Energy Type Project Location
City of North Platte

electric lines to connect to nearby renewable energy source.

North Platte/Lincoln County
City of David City utilize landfill gas for methane generation David City/Butler

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