Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Solicitation

Issue Date: December 3, 2009

Application Due Date: February 3, 2010 at 5:00 PM Central Time

Anticipated Date for Project Selection: mid-June, 2010

This Solicitation Now Closed

Estimated Funding: $8,634,150 is available for new grants

The objectives of this EECBG solicitation are to: 

  • Increase energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and reduce energy costs through efficiency improvements in the building, transportation and other appropriate sectors;
  • Create new jobs and increase productivity to spur economic growth and community development;
  • Accelerate deployment of market-ready distributed renewable energy technologies, including wind, solar, geothermal, hydropower, biomass and hydrogen technologies (if appropriate);
  • Improve air quality and related environmental and health indicators associated with the reduction of fossil fuel emissions;
  • Improve coordination of energy-related policies and programs across jurisdictional levels of governance and with other local and community level programs in order to maximize the impact of this program on long-term local priorities;
  • Increase security, resilience, and reliability of energy generation and transmission infrastructure;
  • Leverage the resources of federal, state and local governments, utilities and utility regulators, private sector and non-profit organizations to maximize the resulting energy, economic and environmental benefits; and
  • Use of innovative financial mechanisms that transform markets.

List of Previously Asked Questions and Answers

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Solicitation Word Doc. (320KB)

Summary of Applicants, Projects and Funding

List of 121 Applicants Seeking $12.6 million
Grant applications are now in review. Awards are expected on or before June 1, 2010.

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