New Vehicle Fuel Economy Guides

Want to know how many miles a gallon a Ferrari 550 Maranello gets, even if you can't afford one? Or, if you want to compare the fuel economy of different vehicles visit the federal government's Fuel Economy website. The web site contains an interactive version of the Fuel Economy Guide: Model Year 2000.

These Guides have frequently helped consumers compare the gas mileage of similarly sized cars, light duty trucks, minivans, sport utility vehicles and special purpose vehicles. Web site visitors can also find gas mileage data by class of vehicle, or by manufacturer, search for vehicles that have specific mileage performance and find out which cars get the best and worst mileage in their respective classes.

In the past, the federal government has produced printed copies of the Guide, but since the information can be printed from the web site, traditionally printed copies of the Guide may not be available.

Information on the fuel economies of 2000 Model Year vehicles, compiled by the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Transportation Technologies from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency data, can be found at

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