1998 Science and Math Energy Grant Winners

From Alda to Wilber...Science and Math Teachers Awarded

Twenty teams of Nebraska elementary, middle and high school teachers will receive grants of up to $2,500 to create innovative energy-related projects in their math and science classrooms.

The 20 schools will share about $33,500. Nearly $48,000 in grants had been requested by 28 schools. The energy grants were selected through a competitive process, awarded by the Nebraska Science and Math Initiative, and funded by the Energy Office.

"This is a great way for students to learn about energy and improve their math and science skills as the same time," Ann Selzer of the Energy Office said. According to Selzer, each proposed project was reviewed by an award-winning teacher, utility representatives and a University of Nebraska-Lincoln scientist. Selzer said the energy projects will be used in the classroom this fall.

Four Years, Nearly $500,000

Since 1994, 208 science and math teacher teams have received grants of more than $229,000. These grants are part of a larger educational effort financed by the Energy Office from oil overcharge funds. Oil overcharge funds are a result of several court actions against oil companies that overcharged their customers during the period of federal price controls from 1973 to 1981. The courts ordered that some of the funds be distributed to the states as restitution to injured customers.

The Energy Office's educational efforts in partnership with the Initiative began in 1994 with a $500,000 commitment to support teacher training and project grants. Since that time, more than 2,500 elementary teachers have attended workshops that provided ideas on how science and math classes can integrate easily understood energy concepts. "This has been a multi-year effort that has changed how students and teachers see the relationships among science, math and energy," Selzer said.

For more information about energy education in Nebraska schools, contact Marilyn Lammers at the Nebraska Math and Science Initiative, 126 Morrill Hall, Box 880350, Lincoln, NE 68588-0350, phone 402-472-8965, fax 402-472-9311, email mlammers@unl.edu.


Energy_e.gif (10275 bytes) 1998 Science and Math Energy Grant Winners




Alda/Public $1,076
Teacher: Margaret Christensen
Project: The Importance of Water


Brainard/East Butler $1,000

Teachers: Sharon Bruner, Charlene Havlovic, Leslie Holthus and Joan Petrzilka
Project: Done in the Sun: Solar Energy


Elkhorn/Middle School $1,536

Teachers: Carol Engelmann, Scott Fox, Donna Nelson and Carol Richart
Project: Building the Best Solar Car


Farnam/Eustis- Farnam Public $2,500

Teachers: Cathy Larson and Kelli Beck
Project: Too Hot to Handle


Lincoln/Clinton Elementary $2,500

Teachers: Pat Closson, Denis Ebeler, Sue Galvin, Margaret Honeycutt and Sue Kirby
Project: Simple Machines: Making Work Easier for Us


Lincoln/Mickle Middle School $975

Teachers: Mark Bigham and David Hartman
Project: The Sight, Sound and Convenience of Energy


Niobrara/Public $2,201

Teachers: Mary Eiler and John Niemoth
Project: Water Drainage System


Pleasanton/Public $1,200

Teachers: Leatta Hand, Larry Johnson
Project: Bridges, Coasters, Structures: An Energy Comparison


Waverly/Hamlow Elementary $2,500

Teachers: Dianne Krieser and Chris Roffers
Project: Energy of Simple Machines: From Past to Present
Brainard/East Butler $1,435
Teachers: Mary Lou Meister, Sherri Nielsen and Jill Reinsch
Project: Energy We Use


David City/St. Mary's $955

Teachers: Linda Maly Jody Pelan
Project: Wind and Wheels


Exeter/Public $1,060

Teacher: Julia Polak
Project: Losing Your Marbles


Lincoln/Clinton Elementary $2,200

Teachers: Margaret Honeycutt, Sue Kirby and Beverly Wertz
Project: Making the Electrical Connection for Our Future


Lincoln/Faith Lutheran Elementary $2,403

Teachers: Krista Barnhouse, Holly Kamprath, Liz Schultz and Nancy Thyparambil
Project: Energy Across the Curriculum: Development of a School-Wide Energy Education Program


Lincoln/Pius X High $2,479

Teachers: Jeff DeVries and Michelle Strand
Project: Electricity and Alternative Forms of Energy


Omaha/Bancroft $934

Teachers: Mary Solberg
Project: Energy It's So Exciting!


Rushville/ High School $1,452

Teachers: Beth Hunter, Sherry Retzlaff and Jamalee Stone
Project: Investigations in Physics and Mathematics in Using Roller Coasters


Waverly/Middle School $1,145

Teachers: Valerie Hill and Shelley Lashley
Project: Solar Shades


Wilber/Wilber- Clatonia High $2,310
Teachers: Sarah Hartzell and James Rector
Project: Windows


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