The 21-member Governors' Ethanol Coalition opened a web site to broaden the public's understanding of ethanol (

The Coalition is bipartisan organization with representatives from 20 states and one territory as well as Sweden and Brazil.

The group was formed by Nebraska Governor Nelson in 1991 to increase the use of ethanol, decrease the nation's dependence on imported energy resources, improve the environment and stimulate the national economy.

Visitors to the web site will find a list of the gubernatorial members, their representatives, recent publications including the Ethanol Alert (a quarterly publication for policymakers and advocates) , Ethanol Source (a sporadically-published, one-pager for policymakers and journalists), reports from the organization and others, news releases, calendar of events and links to state, regional, national and international ethanol resources.

1996 Nebraska Crude Oil Production by County

The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse provides fact sheets, brochures, videos and publications on energy efficiency and renewable energy.

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Phone between 7am-4pm CT,
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The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network or EERE is a gateway to energy efficiency and renewable energy information sources. Internet:

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