Earth Dog to the Rescue

To save our environment, Earth Dog needs the help of some creative children.

Introduced by the Department of Energy, Earth Dog is the name of a fun, furry, global, cartoon crusader, who educates children about problems facing our environment and gets them involved in creating solutions. Earth Dog, an environmentally concerned canine, needs creative kids to solve Earth's problems.

Enter a Contest

Students can help Earth Dog by entering a contest in which they create new cartoon adventures.

To enter, pick an environmental problem and research it. Explain to Earth Dog how it developed (in 250 to 700 words) and make up a way Earth Dog can help solve the problem.

Winners can earn cash prizes, get their stories published on the Internet and win their school Internet terminals from Web TV, one of the contest's sponsors. Twenty winners will be selected.

Deadline to enter the contest is November 30, 1997. For more information about the contest or to become familiar with Earth Dog, check out web site

The Earth Dog page features contents provided by National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, Educational Dividends, Tom Synder Productions and the U.S. Department of Energy.