Making Home Buying Affordable NOW!

Some Nebraskans looking for new homes have an option when they find the house they want to purchase is just out of reach financially.

"The Weatherization Energy Efficient Mortgage is not for everyone," Pete Davis of the Energy Office said, "but for a few people, it can make a big difference. The concept behind these mortgages is that energy saving improvements are made to the home so utility bills will be substantially reduced. That way, the new homeowners will have an easier time of making the mortgage payments."

The below market rate weatherization mortgages typically finance improvements such as attic and wall insulation, new furnaces, caulking and weatherstripping.

Weatherization mortgages are available to only those who have limited incomes.

"Getting a weatherization mortgage is very simple," Davis said. "First, the lender verifies a person's income, then conducts an energy audit of the home the borrower wants to buy and finally makes recommendations on ways to reduce energy use."

For more information about weatherization mortgages, contact Pete Davis in the Energy Office.