Midwestern Oil Wells!

Some have called the Great Plains states of the Dakotas, Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado, the Saudi Arabia of wind since some of the nation's most promising wind resources are located in the region.

The recent construction of three wind turbines in Nebraska is dwarfed by recent developments in nearby states:

In Wyoming along Interstate 80 near the Foote Creek Rim, 69 turbines are generating 41.4 megawatts of electricity, enough to serve 15,000 to 25,000 customers.

A wind farm in Colorado began generating power in December. By the time the project is completed in the spring, the 21 turbines will generate 14.7 megawatts of power.

The largest wind farm project in the world, a 107 megawatt wind farm, is nearing completion in Minnesota.

Next year, the Minnesota project will be eclipsed by a 188 megawatt wind farm in Iowa.

Even turbine manufacturers have taken a shine to the region. By March, 23.5 and 29 meter turbine rotor blades will be rolling off a brand-new assembly plant in Grand Forks, North Dakota. LM Glasfiber of Denmark expects the 150 employees to make the blades for the growing North American market.

For more information about the Springview wind turbines, contact Mike Hasenkamp at Nebraska Public Power District at 402-563-5371 and mahasen@nppd.com or Rich Walters at KBR Rural Public Power District at 402-387-1120.

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