Fiscal and Organizational Notes

Financial Review

The accompanying figures illustrate the Energy Office's income and expenses from July 1, 1998 through June 30, 1999, which amounted to $8,499,937 and includes federal, state and oil overcharge funds.

A full accounting of the Energy Office funds appears in figures 15 and 16.

Approximately 48 percent of the agency's funding came from oil overcharge funds, a ten point decline from the previous year. Federal funds made up slightly more than 48 percent of the agency funding.

State funds totaling less than four percent of all agency funding came exclusively from severance taxes.

Forty-seven percent of all expenditures were used for oil overcharge aid and contracted projects listed in the Oil Overcharge Funds section starting on page 6. Fifty-seven percent of all federal funds were expended as aid in the Low-Income Weatherization Assistance Program.


The Energy Office was created in November 1973 as the Fuel Allocations Office, a division of the Nebraska Department of Revenue. The agency had independent status from 1977 to January 1987, when it became, by Executive Order of the Governor, a division of the Governor's Policy Research Office.

The organizational chart below (figure 17) shows the functional structure of the Energy Office during the reporting period.